Mason High School Theater is pleased to present its winter production of 12 Incompetent Jurors, the Stay at Home Edition. The show is a comic parody of the famous 12 Angry Jurors, in which a jury of interesting and unusual characters deliberate of the guilt or innocence of a literal cat burglar in the most 2020 of meeting places, a Zoom chat room.

You can now preorder the streaming version of 12 Incompetent Jurors: The Stay-At-Home Edition using the following link:–mason-high-school-theater?channel=watch-now

Tickets are $9.99 plus a $2.95 service fee and will let you stream the show for the entire day on FEBRUARY 13. Detailed instructions on how to stream the show are included in the document below.

You could use a laugh or two right about now, am I right? Come and laugh with the cast of this delightful show.

Welcome to the online home of the Theater Department of William Mason High School.

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