Story Theatre’s Sensory Friendly Matinee

Story Theatre’s Matinee on January 21, 2023 will have several accommodations for audience members with special needs.

These accommodations include the following:

  1. We will have an ASL interpreter at the performance.
  2. We will leave the house lights on at a low level throughout the performance.
  3. Volume of music and sound effects will be reduced for this production.
  4. We have put together a social story for students with anxiety in going to a new place. It details where to park, where you’ll enter, and how you’ll get to the Studio Theater.
  5. We have also included a detailed description of each story’s content for students who may face anxiety at not know what is going to happen during the production. Click this link to view the Synopsis and Content Guide.
  6. Finally Please let us know if you need to be seated facing the ASL interpreter or if you need to be seated on the floor level of the Studio Theater because someone will be attending with you in a wheelchair. using this short Google Form.

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